Who needs coaching? And why would someone want photography coaching?

Keith photographing landscape

Have you ever noticed how many people have a coach these days?  Coaching is no longer something that is only relevant to sportsmen and women, but is an important addition to the lives of many of the most successful entrepreneurs, CEO’s, bloggers, indeed almost everyone who knows they’re good but want to get even better.

Most of my clients are living really nice lives, and yet they feel there might be something missing, something that could turn their nice life into a marvellous life.  And that’s why they come for coaching.  Just getting that different perspective, that unexpected boost or challenge, a new insight might seem like a small thing but can make a huge difference.

So I suppose it is not surprising that anyone who wants to improve their photographic skills – especially if a new camera came down the chimney with Santa – can get coaching from award-winning photographer, Keith Hoskins.  Studio owner and veteran of over 1000 weddings and many thousands of portraits. He loves taking outdoor shots too, with his #pureunfilteredbeauty (#PUB)campaign.

You can hear his take on the benefits of coaching on my latest Podcast here http://mind-shift.libsyn.com, and you can book on to Keith’s next day-course on Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/photo-coaching-day-old-leigh-tickets-85757991461


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