Get Confident Course

From Zero to Hero in 10 Sessions

It can seem as if some lucky people are born confident while others just have to put up with accepting whatever life throws at them. But that’s simply not true!

You can learn to develop a confident mindset (that’s how the really successful people get where they want to be), overcome self-doubt, use simple tools to change your unhelpful self-talk, become more socially confident, express yourself effectively in any situation, and nurture your new confidence by nurturing yourself.

What stops you going for what you really want in life? Do you have the job you’d love, the relationship you long for, do you speak up for yourself when someone is trying to trample all over you?

Or are you painfully shy, gritting your teeth before walking into a room full of people? Paralysed with fear at the thought of giving a presentation? No social life because you can’t seem to make friends?

We were all born supremely confident but over the years our confidence can get knocked, leaving us feeling powerless, hopeless and stuck where we are. It’s easy to build it back up though when you have the knowledge and the know-how.

So the good news is that it is quite simple to get confident. It is not a mysterious gift bestowed upon a chosen few, but a set of skills which can be acquired and then all you need to do is practise them.

What would you give to have that quiet self-assurance that allowed you to go for what you want? Do you want to develop a confident mindset like really successful have, overcome self-doubt, change your unhelpful self-talk, become more socially confident, find out how to express yourself effectively in any situation, and nurture yourself and your new confidence?

If you are willing to spend £100* what do you have to lose? Only your shyness, your fear, your anxiety. And to gain? Confidence, self-assurance, perhaps the life you never believed could be yours. (*plus small Eventbrite charge.)

Choose the Early Bird special offer for all 10 sessions, or book 1 taster and add on the rest if you like what we do. To avoid any fees, call me on 07767 636302 to arrange direct payment. That way you get 10 sessions for £100 for a new, confident you.

You can confidently book here. If you feel brave enough.

Details: Every Monday from 23rd September to 25th November, 6.05pm to 7.20pm, at The Fishermen’s Chapel in Old Leigh. Parking is just across the road and free. Book all 10 sessions and if you miss any you can be sent a video, or you can catch up in the New Year when the course runs again.

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